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Help offered for East Anglia’s war memorials

Local developer Hopkins Homes invites further applications to the Hopkins War Memorial Fund as 140 of East Anglia’s memorials are found to be in a Poor or Very bad condition.

There are approximately 3,000 war memorials in East Anglia. From magnificent town memorials to simple airfield plaques, the region is dotted with reminders of its historical military connections. Whilst many are well cared for, recent research on War Memorials Online, a website which aims to record the condition of all war memorials in the UK, shows that 140 of these war memorials need extensive conservation work to preserve this vital link to the history of East Anglia.

In November 2017 award-winning developer Hopkins Homes announced a £10,000 per year fund to support communities seeking to repair and conserve their memorials. So far, the fund, which is administered by War Memorials Trust, has provided grants for memorials in, amongst others, Huntingdon and Walsoken in Cambridgeshire; Sudbury, Beccles and Brandeston in Suffolk and Hanworth and Beeston next Mileham in Norfolk

Joshua Hopkins of the Hopkins Charitable Fund said: “We are committed to helping fund conservation work to these important touchstones of our communities. The grants given out so far have allowed essential conservation work such as specialist cleaning, re-pointing, re-gilding, the re-painting of inscriptions, repairs to the stonework and structural work to be carried out. All work is done under the supervision of War Memorials Trust which ensures it remains in line with best conservation practice.

“2019 marks the 80th anniversary of the start of the second world war, anyone wanting to find out more about the grants and apply for funding for a memorial in East Anglia should get in touch with War Memorials Trust.”

To date, the grants distributed have ranged from £600 to over £3,000.

Frances Moreton, Director of War Memorials Trust said: “Hopkins Homes’ generous donation is helping to support war memorials in East Anglia and preserve them for future generations.”

It is believed that up to 1 in 20 of the UK’s estimated 100,000 war memorials are in a Very bad or Poor condition. War Memorials Trust is the only charity in the UK which works solely for their protection. Since it was founded 22 years ago, it has administered more than £5 million to nearly 2,000 communities looking to repair and conserve their memorials.

“We encourage everyone to visit their local war memorial, check the condition of it and get in touch with War Memorials Trust if they have any concerns. We may be able to assist your project with a grant if works are needed.” Frances added.

Grant application deadlines are three times a year, those interested in applying will be asked to complete a simple pre-application form to check eligibility. To find out more about War Memorials Trust and how to apply for a grant please visit

War Memorials Online is seeking to create a greater understanding of the condition of war memorials across the UK. Visit the site to make sure your local memorial is listed - register to upload photographs and share condition details.

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